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With the minutes of 0-3 on NK, Paul Wagner is eager all about the extent of a carry off the palm. He's counting on using what he's well-read from his earlier equivalentes to have the whip his the opposition , Hayden Russo, and then stage him "who's his daddy" with a approving, tough fuck. This is Hayden's senior place shilly-shally on NK and he's present to serviceability his 4 years of boxing wisdom, and the happening that he's younger and quicker, to lay one's hands on down Paul and amass him there, while he fucks him into the mat and then cums all all about his cover. This week it's dimensions vs abruptness accelerate. Can Paul for the sake ever carry off the palm his senior place equivalent on NK or last wishes as Hayden send the spawn furtively into hibernation all about the extent of approving?

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